Medusa Project (Co-Director 1997-2004)

Medusa Project was an art gallery and place space which I directed and co-directed between 1997 and 2007 in Omaha, NE. This organization supported and promoted local art and artists. I managed the art gallery, and was responsible for

  • contacting and interviewing artists
  • planning and organizing events
  • coordinating with artists for art events/show
  • installation of artwork in gallery space
  • co-designing Medusa Project Artist Agreement
  • promotions of all art events including press releases and public service announcements
  • working with publications for interviews and reviews
  • networking with other organizations

Although the organization disbanded after I moved to Iowa City, there have been recent rumblings about a reunion between my former co-director and some of the artists that worked on the board.

Here is an article regarding one our shows from 2003.

Below are some pictures from various Medusa Project events.